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Fundraising Day for YCST

Monday 15th July 2019 9am - 4pm was our annual fundraising event for Lord's Larder and The Lord's Larder Community Fund held at The Gateway Coffee Shop, with everyones support we raised £844.80 on the day to directly to this Charity.

April 3rd 2019 - Lord's Larder Food Bank is now being supported by the Main Tesco Store in Yeovil, a collection trolley is in place near the entrance for any long life food donations, which will all go to The Lord's Larder Food Bank.We thank Tesco and Tesco customers for all their support of the food bank.

Harvest 2019

This Autumn Term schools and churches and businesses and private individuals are invited to collect long life food items for The Lord's Larder, please look at our Harvest Information web page for more details. We are also happy to accept cash donations, or cheques made out to YCST if that is more convienient for you, this allows us to purchase food when we run out. Thank you for your interest in what we do here at YCST.

Christmas 2019

Many thanks for collecting for us this Christmas, please look at our Christmas Information page on this website.

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